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:: The First Hungarian Breakdance Encyclopedia :: Homepage

The First Hungarian Breakdance Encyclopedia

Dear Friends in all over the world!

I'm an old Breakdancer in Budapest, who've just dreamed about the past. I found a lot of information about Breakdancing, but unfortunatelly just in English. Then I decided to make a translation from this wonderful story to Hungarian language.

As you see in Hungarian Breakdancers there are a lot of crew here in our country. I made this site to them, and to all hungarian young dancers who aren't speaking english as well. I will show everywhere the original sources in this site. The main basic of this site is the Wikipedia Online Enciklopedia.

We've been started to translate some pages to English for inform the WORLD about Hungarian Breakdance History. I kindly ask you to come back frequently to see these new pages!

Lets see the content of the Hungarian Breakdance Encyclopedia

  • Breakdance History in Hungary: This section contains the whole story of the Breakdance, but just in Hungarian Language. Just because there are a lot of wonderful site contains this Breakdance History but not in our language. This section is made for Hungarian Peoples who can't speak English.
  • Breakdance Music in Hungary: There is a short section, because there is just a few Breakdance LP made in Hungary.
  • Breakdancers in Hungary - Crews and Dancers: THIS SECTION IS MADE FOR YOU! This is where you can hear from the HUngarian Breakdancers! Let's see them!
  • Breakdance Schools in Hungary: There is a short section again, because there is just a few Breakdance School in Hungary.
  • Contact: Contact with me...
  • Linkpartners: There are my Linkpartners here
  • Impressum: A few words for finish...

Greetings from Hungary !












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